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The Riskind Building – Eagle Pass, Texas

The Riskind Building – Eagle Pass, Texas

A vision for the adaptive re-use of a historic building.

Project Sponsors: City of Eagle Pass, The Riskind Family
Collaborators:  UTSA College of Architecture, Center for Urban and Regional Planning Research – UTSA Institute for Economic Development – UTSA Rural Business Program
Completed: July 2014

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Communities are defined in large part by their sense of place: those things that distinguish a community from other communities, giving it a particular combination of identities which make it more than the sum of its parts. This is in part a matter of historical memory, but that memory is also inextricably entwined with the built environment. Historic preservation and adaptive re-use are valuable to a community because they not only recognize but help to maintain and refresh the community’s sense of place.

Eagle Pass has many historic buildings which still stand in its downtown district, and these buildings provide anchors or touchstones to a shared sense of place. The renewed participation of the city in the Texas Main Street program has helped to raise the consciousness of the stakeholders of Eagle Pass (residents, businesses, and city officials) regarding the importance of Main Street to their shared sense of place. Continued participation in the Texas Main Street program will help nurture a sense of common purpose, and help the stakeholders of Eagle Pass to take further steps to maintain and even strengthen their community’s sense of place as well as its economic health.

The primary purpose of this study is to develop a Concept Plan for the vacant Riskind’s Department Store and its various additions which will help the City of Eagle Pass, Texas to revitalize its historic commercial core on Main Street