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Recreational Vision Study for the City of Converse, Texas

Recreational Vision Study for the City of Converse, Texas

An assessment and vision for recreational facilities

Project Sponsor: City of Converse
Project Collaborators: UTSA Institute for Economic Development, Rural Business Program – UTSA College of Architecture, Construction and Planning, Center for Urban and Regional Planning Completed:  January 2016

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This report by the Center for Urban and Regional Planning Research (CURPR) at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) presents a Vision Study that assesses the existing park assets and makes proposals to the existing park system for the City of Converse.

This study was funded by the City of Converse and also by the Rural Business Program (RBP), a part of the South-West Texas Border Small Business Development Center (SWTSBDC) which is hosted by the Institute for Economic development (IED) at UTSA.

A number of recommendations are made to encourage further development and improvements to the City of Converse Park system.

  • • Potential for a Hike and Bike Trail System
  • • Amphitheater at City Park Lake
  • • Campgrounds at City Park Lake
  • • Lake Recreation Improvements
  • • Boating at City Park Lake
  • • Boating at North Park Lake
  • • Additional Parking at City Park
  • • Potential for Recreational Softball Leagues
  • • Potential for a Dog Park

This Vision Study will assist the City of Converse in improving its existing park system and in acquiring funds for additional studies and improvements.