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Community Services

Community Services

The Rural Business Program assists rural communities to improve the quality of life and create jobs through collaboration and utilization of regional assets. We assist communities to identify opportunities for growth through community assessments, economic analysis, training, research and strategic planning.

Community Assessment

The RBP provides assessment tools to develop an understanding of the gaps or needs that exist within a community. It is a compilation of demographic data,focus groups, surveys, and feedback from community partners.

Economic Analysis

Economic Analyses focuses on evaluating the impacts that development has on a community’s social and economic well-being. We measure this through Location Quotient and GAP Analysis to determine the optimum use of their resources. The purpose is to provide an assessment to determine economic benefits to the community.

Feasibility & Market Studies

The RBP provides feasibility studies to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of a community as well as their opportunities and threats. Feasibility studies are used as an objective, unbiased approach to provide information from a third party, for the community to make decisions.

Municipal Capacity Building Program

The MCBP provides training for community leaders, elected officials and local government employees of rural communities that are challenged by the strain of their governance capacity. The program is focused on enhancing basic knowledge, skills, and resources in an effort to significantly upgrade the capacity in rural areas. The purpose of the training sessions is to equip, encourage and empower local leaders to develop plans and projects that will address their community needs. A community that is more economically sustainable and livable.

Community Outreach & Planning

The RBP provides communities with strategic and vision plans to determine long term goals and best uses of the assets of the community. The plans provide a mission,establish goals and objectives, as well as create strategies to obtain the goals. The plans provide business /economic assessment and economic GAP analysis to help communities identify new investment opportunities in their primary and secondary markets.